Relationship Counseling and Coaching for Asian Americans​

Relationship Counseling and coaching for Asian Americans

You know what you want out of life. You work hard, you are educated. You value your friends and family. Your relationships are the purpose for everything you do. And yet for some reason, you seem to be stuck. Maybe you are having conflict with your parents or parents in law. Maybe you are having issues with your spouse or significant other.

Maybe You’re arguing a lot with your partner. Lots of miscommunication, lots of big arguments over small things. You feel like your partner just doesn’t get it. You don’t feel like your partner understands you.

Maybe there’s conflict regarding your parents. Either conflict with them or about them. So much guilt, so much pressure. Or maybe disappointment, fear and resentment.

And you’re not sure where to turn. You didn’t grow up really talk about feelings. And you’re not even quite sure if you would know what to say in therapy. This is all so new. You’re used to giving the right answers in school. Would you get it wrong in therapy? Would you be judged? Would your therapist get it?

You want to see someone who understands your culture, the nuances and subtleties of being Asian in America. You want to talk to someone who understands the importance of family and education. You want to talk to someone who relates with you.

Or maybe you are not Asian but your partner is. And you want someone who understands both the Asian culture and the American culture. Because both of you are having trouble understanding each other, and you know a lot of it comes from the way you both see the world.

We can help.

  • Foster better communication with your loved ones
  • Reduce arguing and find better ways to resolve conflict
  • Rebuild trust
  • Help problem solve difficult situations where you both feel stuck
  • Work through cultural conflicts in inter-racial relationships
  • Work through issues with in-laws and parents
  • Process issues with finances, sex, chores & parenting so you can be on the same page as your partner and be a team

Some common questions:

How Does It All Work?

In our sessions, we start off with collecting data. Lots of it. We get lots of people who say “I read this book and that book and for some reason the techniques didn’t work.” That’s because every relationship is so different with so many layers. A book is not going to address all those different layers. We try to do that by really understanding the layers and twists and turns in your relationship.

And from there, we figure out what patterns are occurring and where the patterns are not working for you. From there, we give you applicable and relevant tools to help redirect your conflicts. Some of the advice is similar to what you may read in books or online but it is tailored to your specific situation so it is more likely to work.

Does coaching and counseling help?

While we’re not allowed to say that it will definitely work for you, we can say that we have helped many many couples and individuals get their relationship back on track. We have decades of experience counseling and coaching people into greater satisfaction in their marriages and relationships. See some of the people we’ve helped here.

There is so much stigma around getting help. Does this mean something is wrong with me?

If you are concerned about this, know that coaching has much less stigma than counseling does. Coaching is about growth, about being at a functional place but wanting to get better. Coaching has a more forward thinking and problem solving approach.

Getting help is the most courageous thing someone can do. You could choose to to numb yourself, cope in a destructive way, give up and be passive, or you could choose to get help and grow into the life you were meant to live!

Are you a Vietnamese Counselor or Coach? 

(We get asked this question a lot!) David is Vietnamese. He understands Vietnamese and can speak on a conversational level. Lia is not Vietnamese so she would not be able to do sessions in Vietnamese.

Interested but still not sure?