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Coaching For Men

To the rest of the world, you’ve got it together. You are successful in your career or school, you have a good social network and you take care of yourself. Your social media reflects that you’ve got a good life. However, inside, things are different. Maybe inside you feel inadequate. Maybe you’ve got issues with your significant other that no one else knows about. Maybe you are worried about the future and your career.

You’re not used to talking about things. When you go out with your friends you don’t talk about deep stuff like your wife/girlfriend does. Your family knows some things but not the whole story. It feels very vulnerable to be sharing these things. You wish you had someone to talk to but don’t know who to go to.

Coaching For Men can help.

Coaching is a powerful yet non-stigmatizing way to get the help you need. Coaching is not for people with clinical mental health issues. It’s for people that just need a jump start to a complicated situation. Let’s face it, life gets complicated sometimes and we don’t always have it figured out. In the past, it was normal to have an older wiser person govern a community and give advice to those younger. It used to be normal for multiple generations to live under the same home where the elder generations could give advice. It feels absurd that in our society, getting help is seen as normal, like it used to.

As your coach, I Help you:

✔ Figure out what is blocking you from achieving your goals

✔ Give you tools to move forward

✔ Work through issues like anger, feelings of frustration or inadequacy

✔ Together with your wife or girlfriend,  work through couples issues

✔ Position yourself to find and keep a good relationship

Some FAQ’s:

Will You Judge Me?

Judgement is not a good way to get help people to grow. Judgement brings defensiveness and a lack of safety to open up. Not that I sugar-coat or coddle you, either. I take the time to know you, understand you, and give you tools to be better.

If I seek coaching, does it mean that I am weak?

In order to get better at something, we all need a coach. Take some of the best sports players out there. They all used coaches. Why not use a coach for life? Only a good sports player who is driven to do his best would do all he could to improve and seek coaching from someone who’s been there and knows how to improve on their weak spots so they can become their absolute best. In the same way, a person who is driven to be his best in his life–in his personal life and his relationships–would seek a coach to help him grow to have the best life he could have. Seeking out a coach doesn’t mean you are week–in fact, it means you are driven, and courageous to do all you can to be your best.

Getting help does not mean that you are weak, or cannot take care of your life. In fact, it means you are courageous enough to see where you are stuck and where you need to go. You are a problem solver. In coaching, we don’t focus too much on the past. Coaching is not about “fixing problems,” but rather it’s about taking where you are and making it better.

Do I need a coach or do I need a therapist?

If you have a diagnosis or you think you have clicnical symptoms of mental illness, then a therapist is what you would need. If you have relationship issues, or confidence issues, basically “life” issues, then a coach or a therapist would be sufficient. A coach tends to have a more present and future focus. If you want someone who is going to do a lot of problem solving and giving you tools, then I would recommend a coach. If you want to delve into your past and work through trauma or other clinical diagnoses, then a therapist would be better for you.

Will you be able to help me?

I am not allowed to say “yes” but I can say that I have helped hundreds of couples and individuals over the 20 years of pastoral counseling and coaching that I have done. Some of it was religious in nature, but about 90 percent of the time, it was real people coming to see me with real problems. 

People in tech, business people, Communication issues. Infidelity. Arguing. Career issues. Anger Management. These were real people living and working in the Silicon Valley just like you.

People tended to seek me out because of my down to earth, non-judgemental and practical approach. I don’t use complicated jargon with people. And others will say I have a good sense of humor.  I am down to earth, people felt cared for, they felt I gave good, sound realistic advice. People trust me. See more about me on my yelp reviews here.

Still have questions?

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