Meet David

Hi I’m David Huynh.

As a Marriage and Relationship Coach, I help busy, successful professionals find love again so they can enjoy life.

I believe there’s a right and wrong way to approach relationships:

First, here’s the WRONG way:

  • Stuff my feelings until I explode
  • Always give in and feel like I was not receiving anything in return
  • Feel like the only way to be heard is to yell
  • Feel so overwhelmed by the conflict that I have to shut down
  • No matter how hard I tried, it was never good enough, so give up, or rebel
  • Argue about the same things over and over again, and sweeping the issue under the rug, time and time again.
  • Be so afraid of conflict that I never show how I feel, and then slowly disengage

You may feel compelled to do these things in the moment but they only end up with both you and your partner feeling angry, alone, and hurt.

Trust me, I know. My marriage started this way (15 years ago), and because of these patterns,  we hit rock bottom.

Here is what I discovered about the RIGHT way to do relationships:

  • Find ways for arguments to be win-win vs win-lose
  • Make it my goal to reconcile vs. be right
  • Accept that after the honeymoon dies, like anything–a car, a business, a home–maintenance is necessary.
  • If I don’t agree, find ways to understand instead of argue against
  • Be courageous enough to be vulnerable with my feelings instead of get angry or shut down
  • Be intentional about showing love to my partner and don’t wait until I “feel” like it
  • Be empathetic to their feelings
  • Be ready to problem solve ways to get both your needs met
  • Prioritize your relationship
  • Have fun together, laugh, and talk
  • Get help if you need it
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

These things are the main ingredients for the recipe for successful relationships.

Less tension, more peace, more connectedness, more fun.

I’m here to help you not just have a peaceful relationship, but one that is thriving. I want your relationship to be the model for all of your friends to look to.

David Huynh

My Journey to Relationship and Marriage Coaching

I always thought that marriage would be like the fairy tales. I’d be the knight in shining armor to save my princess.  We would ride off into the sunset, smiling, happily ever after. We would never argue. She would always agree with me and nothing I did would ever be wrong. If it was, she would ever so gently tell me, and I would apologize. She would never be moody, we would never be stressed. We would hang out all the time, she would adore me.

Then reality hit.

After we got married, I was in for the shock of my life. We both had expectations that we felt were unfair. We got stressed and took things out on each other at times. We argued over chores. We stopped going out on adventures because we were “too tired.” We became comfortable and stopped communicating. We argued. A lot.

At that time, I was a pastor and my wife was (and still is!) a therapist. We thought to ourselves “people are looking to us for help. We need to be healthy ourselves before we can give advice to others.”

We began reading lots of books. All kinds of marriage, dating and relationship books. We would talk about them together, read them together, journal about them. We attended marriage seminars and listened to podcasts. We sought help from counselors, family, friends, coaches and other pastors.

We ultimately figured out what works and what doesn’t. And today 15 years later, I can honestly say that our marriage is the best it’s ever been, and keeps getting better.

I want to help you

I am a pastor of 20 years and over those 20 years, I had the privilege to counsel many couples and individuals who come to me for help. Sometimes it was religious in nature, but most of the time, these were real people with real problems. Tech workers, teachers, dentists, moms, you name it. Issues like communication to infidelity to parenting.  It was so rewarding to be able to help people who are struggling. I loved sharing everything I had learned so that I could prevent others from going through unnecessary heartache and even breakup.

People even from outside of the church started hearing about me through others I had counseled. I started helping people who weren’t in my church. Or maybe people who had a different church but for whatever reason wanted to get counsel from me.

I loved being able to work closely with people. To know their needs and to be able to help them out of their problems. I was seeing a lot of success and feeling like I wanted to dedicate more time to those who needed help.

 Now as a Marriage and Relationship Coach, I can focus on just that. And I can help you too. I can help you grow in your relationship, reach your goals and live your best life. I can help you stop hurtful pattern of conflict in your life and restore peace and connection. You don’t have to stay stuck in old patterns, frustrated and alone.

Reaching out is the most courageous and helpful thing you can do.

I look forward to supporting your path to happiness and wholeness!


David Huynh


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